Private And Public Hire

Taxi drivers have it rough, let’s be honest. As a taxi driver you have to compete with frequent roadworks, never ending traffic jams, frustrating diversions and inevitably undesirable passengers from time to time. Furthermore, you likely work long hours, split shifts, night shifts, and at the end of it all, you aren’t even rich for the trouble. As I said, taxi drivers have it rough.

Here at Compare Taxi we want to help make your life a bit easier – fair enough, we cannot solve a lot of things, but what we can solve are your insurance needs. Connect Insurance have spent the last two decades building up strong relationships with lead UK based underwriters, and securing cheap and competitive policies for our loyal clients.

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Private Hire Taxi Insurance

Private Hire Taxis are only authorised to collect any passengers who have pre-booked with a licensed operator. All taxis must be licensed by their respective local borough council who regulate the rules and standards, and carry out any relevant checks in respect to the licensing process.

Vehicles used as private hire taxis must be appropriate in terms of size, type and design, and not be presented in a manner that would imply to passing custom that the vehicle is a public hire vehicle. All taxi drivers must also satisfy criteria before being licensed, which can include a CRB check for criminal records, and a medical check to ensure they are fit to drive amongst others.

Do you hold your badge and license? Do you have your own taxi vehicle, or do you operate a base with drivers who need insurance arranging? Are you ready to literally get the legal wheels in motion and secure your livelihood? Connect Insurance Brokers are waiting to hear from you so we can get you up and running!

Public Hire Taxi Insurance

Public Hire Taxis are licensed by their local taxi licensing department for use as a hackney carriage. A prime example of Public Hire taxis are those found outside train stations, or parked in designated taxi ranks in town centres, both day and night. If you think of the traditional London black cabs, generally these are also Public Hire Hackney Carriages.

In the UK a minimum of third party insurance cover is a legal requirement before any motor vehicle can be used on a public highway; here at Connect Insurance we can offer you insurance that is personally designed to cater to your demands and needs, meaning higher and better service for you.

Need additional drivers? Have you only had your badge for a year? Maybe you’ve had a bump or two? Got a speeding fine, ran a red light, or been caught using a phone to text your mate whilst driving? It really doesn’t matter to us, Connect are in the position to broker your policy and work alongside our exceptional panel of lead UK based insurance underwriters to get you a competitive and suitable policy!