Add-on Insurance Products

It’s a well known fact that Add On extension products for Insurance vary in requirement. You may find that certain add on’s are instrumental to your peace of mind, whereas others seem pointless and nothing more than an additional outgoing for something you won’t ever benefit from.

Connect Insurance provide product descriptions that highlight the benefits of the 3 main add ons that we provide cover for on a regular basis; this information is available from the buttons below. We do also provide a number of additional add on extension insurance products that are specialist to our clients policy type or occupation such as Replacement Vehicle Cover, Goods in Transit Cover, Stock of Vehicle Cover, Carriage of Vehicle Cover and more. If you find that the add on extension you are interested in is not listed below, then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will endeavour to provide you with a quotation where possible.

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Legal Protection Extension

Legal costs are constantly on the rise, as more and more private firms encourage claims with their no win, no fee schemes and similar approaches. Here at Connect Insurance we never push you to make a claim, however we can offer you support should you choose to pursue this course of action.

Our legal protection product is provided through Kindertons for our motor policy holders, for a competitive price. Having the correct legal cover can be a lifeline in the event that you are unfortunate enough to have a collision with another vehicle, or perhaps you are a victim of vehicle theft or malicious damage. Even in the event of a fault claim you can be provided with a like-for-like plated vehicle for up to 14 days!

We can provide support through our partnerships to offer cover for the recovery of any uninsured losses, any paid excess and any claim related personal injury, amongst many other policy benefits! Some of our underwriters also provide limited legal assistance as standard. Think sensibly; victory lies in preparation.

Failing to plan, is planning to fail.

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Breakdown Protection Extension

Let’s be honest here, having your vehicle break down is never fun, and even less so when your livelihood functions around the vehicle in question. So how can you prepare for the worst case scenario, and avoid this common frustrating situation? How can you put measures in place to prevent disaster should you be unfortunate enough to break down?

Connect Insurance Brokers Ltd work closely with Proximo to ensure that we can keep you moving with as little disruption as possible, and more so without the extortionate roadside assistance figures that you pay, even before the garage’s further cost and inconvenience! Let us be your lifesaver when the world knocks you down, getting you back up and moving again!

We all know it makes perfect sense to plan for the worst yet we foolishly hesitate and often put it off until it’s too late. It’s no good waiting until you’ve broken down to realise that it would be sensible to get the cover in place! By then you’ve paid out a small fortune and already had the problems fixed! We have tailor fitted products specifically for taxis, either public hire, or private hire! We can include home start, roadside assistance, relay and even onward travel so you can still get to your destination!

Excess Protection Extension

Excess protection is one of the most underrated extensions available in the modern times. You pay a small agreed premium in advance, and in the unfortunate event that you have a bump, regardless of who is at fault, then you can recover your excess once the claim is settled.

Not many people realise it, but this product can effectively pay for itself in essence; by increasing the voluntary excess on the policy, then the premium is reduced accordingly; the excess insurance is sold as an extension product which is then added to the cost of the policy premium which will push it back towards the original figure. So you have the product effectively included in the same price you were going to pay, but now your excess is higher.

Fear not, this is where the beauty of the product comes into play; if you have a claim and are required to pay the excess, you can be reimbursed for the excess paid in full; so it is almost as though you do not have an excess! We understand coughing up the excess is never a pleasant experience, especially when the figure is high. Knowing you will have it reimbursed in due course can take the edge off the financial blow.